Space Paper

by Dii Casses

Sometime around spring I learned what NFTs were and launched my first project called PIXEL TREES. The idea was simple create some NFT trees to raise money for planting real trees. 999 total NFT trees were created which were tied to a unique ID that represents which tree was planted. I only sold a few, so I reorganized the project with simpler number of traits and relaunched in August 2021. The project sold out in about 3 days.

That gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to launch my next NFT project OOZ1ES. Although sales are slow right now that gave me the experience, I needed to launch the more complex NFT project Space Babez.

The idea for Space Babez came to me around April 2021. My pixel artist and I were trying to think of some ideas for an NFT project when I came up with Space Babez. I basically said to him what if there were sexy women in space and their boob size changed. (The whole boob thing proved to be a big headache to pull off, but don't think anyone else has done it.)

Then I realized that Space Babez would work well in the lore because there are spectators that oversee the two teams battling each other. (Ancient Ones (Gods), Space Babez, Glaza A.I). Also, sexually explicit content happens in the story, so I thought hot babez in space would work well within the context of the story. The Space Babez idea was also better then what I was going to make it which was your standard green aliens. (Though the babez might use them as pets in the story.)

Challenge #1

Creating Space Babez posed many different challenges, and even more once we added a moving element with the Vortex. The Vortex introduced a RGB problem which made transparency impossible. So we had to move to RGBA so that there weren't any errors in the output. This affected our Accent Colors (eyebrows and lipstick). To solve this problem, we removed transparency from the lip stick on the babez.





Removing it completely from the eyebrows made them look very weird, so we decided to make the shadow as light as possible to give the eyebrows some definition still.

No shading on eyebrows


Challenge #2

The hair was a big challenge in many ways. The first being the hair color and the body colors. Having 24 hair colors and 17 body colors proved challenging. We had to use higher contrast hair colors for it to work on all the body colors.



The original Ponytail looked a lot nicer, but we decided to go with this higher contrasted version.


The old red hair on the red body worked well, but not on all the body colors.

Same with the Accent colors, we had to use very dark colors for it to work across all the different Alien Species/body colors for the lips & eyebrows. (We left the nails alone.)

Original (yellow)


Darker (yellow)


You can see the brighter lipstick color had a messier looking lip.

Certain colors were hard to get to look good on the darker toned body colors. Specifically, the brown, copper, yellow, orange, bronze, etc. Would have probably been easier just to remove the colors that didn't work. But I decided just to darken the lip color. This could possibly be fixed by making a higher resolution pixel drawing, so that the lips have more definition. But I am just guessing as I am not the artist.


If we compare the green on the Shadow Alien Species

And green on the Nordic Alien Species they don't look too different.


Challenge #3

The Accessories (glasses) in the order they were generated comes after the hair. But since some of the hair goes over the ears, we had to put in special conditions so that some accessories come before the hair. I imagine this is very common with most NFT projects to have certain traits come before or after to make it look good. But since we had 24 hairstyles + 24 helmets of the same hairstyle this created a bunch of new problems for us.

We had a lot of the hairstyles going over the ears. Which covered up earrings, etc. So, we cut most of the hairstyles around the ears except a few.


This made things a bit easier and was a quick fix. The old hairstyles covered a lot more of the ears. Kind of felt like making a video game where you only have so much memory to work with, so you have to come up with some creative solutions.

Certain hairstyles had an exposed ear and covered ear.


You can see when you add accessories on top this is how it looks.


So, we needed to add the accessories behind the hair.


This works great for this hair style.

But certain hairstyles would put the accessories behind the hair.


Let's just say there were a lot of conditions to get this to look as good as possible. Then when we added the helmet in it caused similar problems just in a different way. Luckily it worked out in the end.

Challenge #4

Tattoo generation on each of the Space Babez leg. We had to try a bunch of different fonts to get it large enough, but also fit on the leg without being too blurry. As we were not able to get a perfectly crisp image, but were able to get it to look pretty good. Also, I think we were the first to do this on any NFT project out there woo!


Here is the Python script we used to make this happen

1from PIL import ImageDraw, ImageFont
2myFont = ImageFont.truetype('04B_03__.ttf', 15)
3lines = []   
4def generateTattoo(x, num):
5    num = str(num)
6    d1 = ImageDraw.Draw(x)
7    # width = 316 - (len(num) * 4) - 3 # retro_computer
8    width = 316 - (len(num) * 4) - 1 # 04B_03
9    d1.text((width, 363), str(num), font=myFont, fill = (0, 0, 0))

Challenge #5

The idea to make the stars in the background generative was because I wanted the project to be more dynamic and expressive and not so static with the same few backgrounds. (are we the first that did the star background? :D)

There were 7 star colors which used 8 different star shapes.





Here is the python code we used to make it happen

1from PIL import Image
2import random
3from os import listdir
5def setUp(folderName):
6    def getName(a):
7        if type(a) is bytes:
8            iFolder = i.decode("utf-8")
9        else:
10            iFolder = a
11        return iFolder
12    fileStructure = {}
13    for i in listdir(folderName):
14        iFolder = getName(i)
15        fileStructure[iFolder] = []
16        for o in listdir(folderName + "/" + iFolder):
17            file = getName(o)
18            fileStructure[iFolder].append(file)
19    return fileStructure
21paths = setUp("mainFiles/Stars")
22width = 576
23height = 700
25def generateBG(bgColor):
26    backG ="background.png").convert("RGB")
27    for j in range(random.randint(50, 150)):
28        IStar = random.choice(paths[bgColor])
29        TStar ="mainFiles/Stars/{bgColor}/{IStar}")
30        backG.paste(TStar, (random.randint(0, width), random.randint(0, height)), TStar)
31    return backG

Challenge #6

I mentioned the Vortex above and how it affected the transparency of the PNG assets. But getting a perfectly smooth frame rate in the final assets caused a lot of problems. At one point I had at least 5 coders trying to figure it out and another 2-3 who said it was impossible to do.


There is a total of 96 frames @ 20 ms for each frame for the Vortex & final NFT. When we first started doing the outputs all the frames would be a different time like 40 ms, 30 ms, etc. Luckily the coders figured it out and we have the Space Babez NFT in its current state. If I were to do this again, I would make the moving element from scratch and not use a video converted to GIF. (Though I do think it gives it a lo-fi aesthetic using a different medium. As I am not sure how the original video was created and was pretty much sampled from an unknown source.)

Originally we created constellations. So birth months & animal constellations on each side that would blink on and off. But for whatever reason I decided I didn't like the look and changed it to this Vortex which I think looks a lot better.

I think the next evolution of Space Babez would be some form of Base64 encoding, so that the background could be evolving with the babe in the foreground.

Challenge #7

The next challenge was the Boob Size. Yes, it would have been a lot easier just making 1 Boob Size. A whole lot easier! But where would the fun be in that? For the 7 different Boob sizes we needed to create a unique outfit. So, for the 18 outfits this means we had to create 7 versions of them. And on many of the outfits we had to create another 17 versions with the different colored bodies! Some outfits don't show skin, so we could copy some of them, which helped a lot. That's why you will see like Yellow Body Suit and Blue Body Suit. To make the project not so repetitive, but also not kill the artist with drawing stuff. We just changed the colors on somethings. I spent a lot of time coloring assets myself cas the pixel artist was busy with other things.



Some simple math, Outfits 18 x Alien Species 17 x 7 Boob Sizes = 2,142 total outfits! And yes, I had to name every single one of these by hand because the pixel art program couldn't export the names correctly! So, for the 17 Alien Species there were 126 outfits each. 126x17= 2,142.

There was bound to be something overlooked, and one of the NAJDORF outfits (Bubbles) had one dark boob. It was the body color we had prior before I lightened the body color to match the shadow body color. (Because the black space background made it blend in too much)

**And if we ever make a Space Babez #2 you can expect we will push the Boobs even further. (Triple boob anyone?)

Trust me my pixel artist was annoyed drawing each of these shirts differently for each boob size.

Boob Size D


Boob Size F


The artist wanted to make each 9 changes with the shape of the boob size, but to make his life easier I decided to keep the 9 the same on all.

You can see this change with the Space Suit more. It was more pronounced in older versions we had, like the circle and triangle would change shape under the boobs.

Boob Size C


Boob Size D


This change was a lot more dramatic in the original drawings, but we decided to simplify it more.

Challenge #8

Powers was a late addition I added to Space Babez. I was throwing around the idea of creating Constellations (which I made, but Constellations became the Vortex. I knew it needed something on the sides but didn't know what. The first thing I tried was a signature which became constellations.)

Powers was a fun idea but didn't come out as perfectly as I wanted. Mostly due to miscommunication and the large size of the project. (Basically, keeping track of everything in the project and going through each NFT.) I did have an overview of the output with Stats.json but didn't notice the low numbers of powers for certain ones.

For example, Cleopatra power was supposed to be activated with Cleopatra hair or Cleopatra Helmet + Golden Whip, Snake Whip and White Laser Whip. Not totally a big deal but kind of wish I noticed that mistake. One thing I will take into consideration in future projects is take more time verifying the final output. Even though I spent 2 months working on the project to get it as perfect as I could I did overlook a few things I considered a mistake.

Another problem was with Marilyn Power. It was supposed to be Marilyn Hair or Marilyn Helmet + Diamond Earrings or Diamond Bracelet. Diamond Bracelet some how became Emerald Earrings. Not too big of a deal but when you got OCD about things being perfect it is a bit annoying.

To better understand the powers here is the explanation:


  1. Style Power
    Necklace + Gloves + Shoes + Earrings + Accessories
  2. Boob Power
    G Sized Boobs
  3. Heart Power
    Red Heart Earrings or Green Heart Earrings + Red heart glasses or Green Heart glasses or Heart Choker
  4. Spiked Power
    Spiked collar + Spiked Garters or Spiked gloves
  5. Latex Power
    Latex Outfit + Latex Gloves or Latex Boots
  6. Pussy Power
    Nude + No gloves (certain gloves, bracelets and stuff is fine)
  7. Leia Power
    Leia hair or Leia helmet + Red Devil Blade, Green Laser Sword, Blue Laser Sword, Pink Destiny Sword
  8. Space Power
    Space Helmet + Space Suit + Space Gloves or Space Gun or Space Boots
  9. Dorothy Power
    Dorothy hair or Dorothy Helmet + Ruby Slippers or Ruby earrings
  10. Marilyn Power
    Marilyn Hair or Marilyn Helmet + Diamond Earring or Emerald Earring
  11. Cleopatra Power
    Cleopatra Hair or Cleopatra Helmet + Golden Whip


This project was a lot of fun to work on but required a lot of effort and trial and error to pull off. I am excited for what the future of Space Babez might be. I do like creating things in this universe, so am grateful for all the support I have been getting for my project. Expect to see more of Space Babez in different mediums from storytelling, comics, toys and other forms of art on and off the blockchain. Who knows what the future hodls for Space Babez. But if you're a fan of what we've created so far. You should hang around some more and see where we can go together!


Categories: 16

  • Accent Color (Eyebrow, nail and lip color)— 24
  • Accessories (Glasses, bubblegum and scouter)— 18
  • Alien Species (body colors)— 17
  • Boob Size (7 different boob sizes)— 7
  • Earrings — 18
  • Gloves — 19
  • Hair — 24
  • Hairspray Bonus (a bonus that appears 31% of the time)— 2
  • Helmets (Appear 31% of the time)— 2
  • Necklace (Necklaces go in front of some outfits and behind others)— 18
  • Outfits (Outfits that change based on boob size, 126 outfits per alien species *outfit x alien species x boob size)— 18
  • Powers (Colorful background behind the babez based on certain conditions)— 11
  • Shoes — 19
  • Stars (Programmatically generated stars)— 7
  • Vortex (Animated GIF on the sides)— 9
  • Weapon (Held in right hand, some weapons on both hands, and left hand *brass knuckles)— 24

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